One of the most exciting finds of the year for Richard Herskowitz, artistic director and curator for the Houston Cinema Arts Society Festival, was Krisha, a film by native Houstonian Trey Edward Shults. “This is one of the best debut films I’ve ever seen,” Herskowitz tells us.

The story follows a woman (played by Shults’ aunt Krisha Fairchild) who attends Thanksgiving dinner with her extended family after being away for ten years. Family secrets, wounds and jealousy soon turn the celebration into a confrontation. Shults shot Krisha in nine days in his Houston-area family home.

“The film was at SXSW and swept both the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prizes, which is very, very rare,” Herskowitz says. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh, I hope this doesn’t open in Houston before the festival because we want to feature it.’ I was really happy when we were able to get it.”

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