The festival is just a week away, and I’d like to share some great articles I’ve bookmarked that may excite your interest and aid in your selection of festival programs.


This article about the newly restored Burroughs: The Movie, a rare documentary made with the full creative participation of William S. Burroughs, contains a clip of Allen Ginsberg and Burroughs together that will whet your appetite for more.



The New York Times was very enthusiastic about Rumstick Road, Ken Kobland’s video of an early, legendary autobiographical performance by Spalding Gray (Swimming to Cambodia) with the Wooster Group. It deals with the suicide of Gray’s mother, an act that haunted Gray until he took his own life. The Wooster Group’s archivist, Clay Hapaz, is coming to HCAF to present and discuss the film.

WallyShawnandLisaJoyceJonathan Demme’s film of Andre Gregory’s production of Ibsen’s A Master Builder, translated by and starring Wallace Shawn, has divided critics. I loved it, and will be forever grateful to Demme/Shawn/Gregory for exposing me to this amazing play. Wonder how Wallace Shawn translated a play whose language he does not know? Read this amazing interview with him to find out.



Joanna Hogg is one of the most exciting new directors at work today. One element that makes this British artist so exciting is the way she foregrounds architecture over character in her narratives. This is most apparent in her latest work, Exhibition, which she discusses in Artforum here.

4UntitledI was knocked out by the short dance film, Angsters, starring the Revolve Dance Company of Spring, Texas. When I asked dance writer Nancy Wozny (whom I often consult about dance films I’m considering for the festival) if she knew anything about Revolve, she sent me this, evidence that the company was a cherished discovery of hers. Lucky for us and the viewers who attend Revolve on Camera, Revolve will be dancing live at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, accompanying our projection of Angsters and other short dance films directed by Benjamin and Heather Epps.


Speaking of dance, Elizabeth Streb, dance action hero, is actually coming with director Catherine Gund to present their explosive film Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity. Check out a dialogue between Elizabeth and Catherine here, then come to Sundance Cinemas to meet them.