Cinespace Day at the MFAH: Friday, November 13

artist-marco-brambillaAll Day Marco Brambilla’s Apollo XVIII 

The renowned visual artist will be bringing his Apollo XVIII installation, which was projected throughout Times Square in March, to Cullinan Hall at the MFAH. Brambilla is popularly known for his work as the director of Demolition Man (1994) and Kanye West’s Power music video (2010). His work has been exhibited in major collections worldwide, including the Kunsthalle Bern, the Guggenheim Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the ARCO Foundation in Madrid, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Vanity Fair has praised his work as “critiques and masterpieces of visual overload.” Apollo XVIII will be on view from November 12-15 in the MFAH Law Building.


YearInSpace21:00 P.M. A Year in Space

Time Magazine’s A Year in Space multimedia documentary series follows astronaut Scott Kelly’s year on the International Space Station and the participation of his twin brother, Mark Kelly, working with NASA at home. The first several episodes will be presented by directors Shaul Schwarz, whose Narco Cultura screened in HCAF 2013, and Marco Grob, joined by producer Jonathan Woods and Jeffrey Kluger, Time Magazine Editor at Large overseeing science coverage.


apolloresized3:30 P.M. Apollo 13: 20th Anniversary Screening

With guests Jeffrey Kluger, author of the book Apollo 13, on which the movie was based, and screenwriters William Broyles Jr. (Cast Away, Planet of the Apes, Flags of our Fathers), a Houston native, founding editor of Texas Monthly, and former editor of Newsweek, and Al Reinert (For All Mankind, An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story, which screened at HCAF 2013). Broyles and Reinert were nominated for an Academy Award for their screenplay.


cinespaceresized7:00 P.M. CineSpace Competition: Screening and Award Presentation

The best of 195 entries submitted to the first CineSpace competition, a collaboration between NASA and HCAS, will be presented tonight, along with the announcement of the winners of the competition, selected by the Levantine Arts Award recipient Richard Linklater. Special guests to be announced.


Satellite Beach- Luke Wilson at the Satellite Beach Shuttle Launch Pad- Image by Bud Kremp9:30 P.M. Satellite Beach and Videos by Marco Brambilla

Capping off the day, brothers Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson will present their 2014 film (26 min.) that follows the unique journey of the Endeavour space shuttle as it travels through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center and the final move of the Atlantis space shuttle to the Kennedy Space Center. Luke and Andrew Wilson, in addition to their extensive credits as actors, also co-directed a 2005 feature film The Wendell Baker Story.

Artist Marco Brambilla will present video collage works adapted from NASA space imagery.