Nov 8-12, 2018

Traveling Light: An Animation and Matchbox Show

with guest animator Laura Heit

Run Time: USA Language: English


Laura Heit has curated a collection of animated films and will follow the screening with one of her legendary matchbox shows. Playing the part of Hostess and star, Heit performs a variety of puppet shows within matchboxes, projected on a big screen. Each matchbox contains its own story: some are dreams being retold, others are circus acts or nightclub rendezvous.

Heit writes of the animation program: “In the past few years I’ve come back to drawing. It was a surprise to me. I hadn’t made a drawn animation since college. But in a time of easy and often undos I turned to my pencil, and the lines I made felt of consequence…These new films are made around hundreds of very small drawings and footage from the recently released NASA archives. At its heart the work is always to make visible the things we cannot see.

The additional films I’ve chosen to show are by filmmakers, cartoonists, and animators who have also found themselves creating work on paper, or on film, or in clay—using their hands as the translators and meaning makers of a deep and innate sense of the world.”

Two Ways Down (3:30) Laura Heit, 2015

Rover’s Eye (3:03) Laura Heit, 2015

Apollo Six (8:18) Laura Heit, 2015

Essay #4 (1:00) Julie Doucet, 2014

Like a Lantern (5:00) Lilli Carré ,2013

Jiro Visits the Dentist (1:30) Gina Kamentsky, 2013

Essay #1 (1:30) Julie Doucet

House Fire (4:30) Micah Weber, 2014

Waiting Room (1:23) Jake Fried, 2012

Crux Film (5:00) Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré, 2013

Mound (4:30) Allison Schulnik, 2011

Down Into Nothing (1:00) Jake Fried, 2013

Velocity (5:53) Karolina Glusiec, 2012

White Dialogues (1:30) Laura Heit, 2012

The Deep Dark (7:07) Laura Heit, 2011

“She deftly reveals the big emotions lurking within seemingly tiny details” -Joel Del Signore, The Gothamist:

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