Nov 8-12, 2018

Time Squared


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Avant-garde film pioneer Ken Jacobs has explored varieties of 3D perception through projector performances for the past five decades, often drawing upon early cinema and other found images. Jacobs will show a film, Opening the 19th Century: 1896 (1990, 11 minutes), drawing on Lumiere footage that each member of the audience will view through a Pulfrich filter. Jacobs and his assistant, Flo, will then give a live performance of Time Squared on one of his marvelous inventions, the Nervous Magic Lantern, which he describes as “a device so elemental it puts us in the running with the very earliest inventors of cinema,” and which uses projected light to create hallucinatory optical effects.

A lamp, a lens and a spinning shutter are used by the artist to animate the patterns placed on the screen, creating stereoscopic effects. You will see Abstract Expressionism in depth — monster-creations of dark and light forming and reforming without film or electronics — live and without 3D spectacles, but with 3D available to be seen even by the single-eyed. A projection of evolving and moving dimensional, twisting and turning forms that could have happened before the invention of film, though Abstract Expressionism had to come first to prepare minds.

This live event is co-presented with the Aurora Picture Show. Ken Jacobs’ 3D explorations continue on November 15 at Sundance Cinemas at 1:00 PM with a new film, Blankets for Indians, a digital cinema projection presented in collaboration with Blaffer On Screen, and at the Brandon Gallery from November 12 to December 12 as part of the “Street Scenes” exhibition.

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