Nov 8-12, 2018



Run Time: 108 Minutes USA Language: English


Street, a video by artist James Nares, was shot on the streets of Manhattan over the course of a week in September 2011. To make Street, Nares shot 16 hours of footage with a high-speed camera, filming out the back and sides of a moving SUV. He then greatly slowed his source material and edited down the results to 61 minutes of steady, continuous motion — which, if shown in real time, would last only three minutes. Nares’ friend, guitarist and Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore, composed and performed the video’s musical score on a 12-string acoustic guitar.

“The result is a hypnotic ode to city life that seems suspended somewhere between still and moving images. As the street slowly unspools in a frieze-like procession before our eyes, we revel in details that normally escape our attention. Pedestrian gestures (the movement of a hand, the emergence of a smile, a glance upwards) assume the power of profound truths, while magical moments (the toss of a cigarette, the way rain drops harden into crystals, or the breeze ruffling a woman’s blouse) take on the quality of the sublime.” —The National Gallery

Shown with Nares’ 1976 film, Pendulum, a precursor to Street from the early stage of Nares’ career, before he earned international fame as a painter and was better known as a New York No-Wave musician and Super 8 filmmaker. Paul Dallas in Filmmaker writes: “In James Nares’s 1976 film Pendulum, a large metal sphere swings ominously from a bridge in a desolate TriBeCa street… This tense, hypnotic Super 8 film, which transforms a forlorn streetscape into existential theater, offers a strange love letter to a city (at that moment) riddled with danger and alive with artistic possibility.”

Film Details

Director: James Nares
Cinematographer: James Nares
Editor: Kelly Spivey
Music: Thurston Moore
Phantom Technician: Kyle Doris
Sound Design: Bill Seery
Running Time: 108 minutes

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