Nov 8-12, 2018

Robert Frank: C’est Vrai!


Run Time: 98 Minutes USA / France / Canada Language: English


In the year of his ninetieth birthday, and in tandem with HCAF’s “Street Scenes” exhibition, we celebrate one of our greatest street photographers, Robert Frank. The rarely screened C’est Vrai is a one-hour trip through the streets of New York City’s lower east side. It was produced on video for French television as a continuous take without editing. It presents a startling juxtaposition of scripted fiction that appears to be drawn from real life and improvised documentation of events in the streets. Peter Orlovsky arrives midway through the film and proceeds to drive it off the rails.

Keep Busy is a spontaneous, improvised story about a group of people living on an island off Nova Scotia. Obsessed with daily aspects of their lives and the cycles of nature, the group is subjugated by a lighthouse keeper and his messenger who have access to the only radio and, therefore, control the news. Mabou Mines performers David Warrilow, William Raymond and JoAnne Akalaitis are among the New York actors adrift in Nova Scotia, and filmmaker DeeDee Halleck was part of the crew. She will introduce the film and discuss her experiences working with Frank.

The two films are part of the Robert Frank Collection managed by the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Film Program.

Film Details

C'est Vrai
Director: Robert Frank
Cinematographer: Robert Frank
Screenwriters: Robert Frank, Michal Rovner
Cast: Kevin O’Connor, Peter Orlovsky, Taylor Mead, Willoughby Sharp, Bill Rice, Tom Jarmusch
Running Time: 60 minutes

Keep Busy
Director: Robert Frank
Cinematographer: Robert Frank
Screenwriter: Rudy Wurlitzer
Cast: David Warrilow, William Raymond, JoAnne Akalaitis, June Leaf, Joan Jonas, Richard Serra, Donald MacEachen, John Dan MacPherson
Running Time: 38 minutes

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