Nov 8-12, 2018

Jones Family Will Make A Way

With director Alan Berg and a special post-screening performance by the Jones Family Singers!

Run Time: 91 minutes USA Language: English


For 30 years, formerly Austin, now Houston-based Bishop Fred Jones and his family have performed on the southern gospel circuit, largely unseen by those outside the Pentecostal faith. When the Bishop, despite objections from many within his faith, decides to take his family’s musical ministry outside the church, he unexpectedly connects with Michael Corcoran – a jaded, atheistic rock critic who also happens to be a gospel historian.

To Corcoran, the Jones Family Singers represent a living link to a style of gospel he thought had disappeared. These unlikely friends bond through their one shared trait — a deeply rooted rebelliousness.

Berg’s film is brimming with both music and a certain religious hope that never bangs you over the head.

– Joe O’Connell, The Austin Chronicle


Film Details

USA, 2015
Directed by Alan Berg
Written by Alan Berg, Lauren Sanders, Jason Wehling
Cinematography by Kyle Cockayne, Paul Rios Jr., Yuta Yamaguchi
Editing by Lauren Sanders
Music by Curtis Heath
Cast: Michael Corcoran, Kenneth Freeman, Alexis Jones, Fred Jones

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