Nov 8-12, 2018

Hush Up Sweet Charlotte

With director Billy Clift

Run Time: 95 minutes USA Language: English


Charlotte, an aging and reclusive Southern belle spinster, accused of murdering her lover at a party years ago, is attended to only by her housekeeper Velma (John Waters’s muse Mink Stole). While defending her family’s historic plantation from destruction, Charlotte calls for help from her cousin Melanie (Jeffrey Roberson aka Varla Jean Merman), but her arrival sparks a chain of melodramatic events that send Charlotte into madness. Will Charlotte be able to keep her sanity and her home, or will she lose it all to divisive interlopers with their own agendas?

The film is a campy and outrageous parody of Robert Aldrich’s infamous Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte, starring Bette Davis and Olivia de Haviland, and is director Billy Clift’s sequel to his cult classic, Baby Jane? Matthew Martin expertly channels Bette Davis’s Charlotte, as he did her Baby Jane in Clift’s prior film.



Film Details

USA, 2015
Directed by William Clift
Written by William Clift
Cinematography by George Maria and Elson Ros
Editing by William Clift
Music by Nick Soole
Cast: Matthew Martin, Jeffery Roberson, Mink Stole, David Millbern

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