Nov 8-12, 2018


With Co-Director and Kartemquin Films Founder Gordon Quinn

Run Time: 80 Mins USA Language: English


Golub offers not simply a profile of a painter with a political conscience, but an investigation into the power of the artist to reflect our times and to change the way we think about our world.

While tracking a major retrospective of Leon Golub’s work across the United States and Canada, Blumenthal and Quinn follow the creation of Golub’s monumental canvases, detailing his complex and unorthodox techniques. The film then accompanies the finished painting, White Squad X, to its European opening in Derry, Northern Ireland, in a joint exhibition with Nancy Spero, Golub’s wife.

“Golub strikes me as being virtually perfect, both in achieving everything that it sets out to do and in the more general political program of conceptualizing its own agenda. Perhaps because this view of the painterly process is brought to us by filmmakers whose previous concerns have been with social issues, it conveys the exhilarating sense that art is inseparable from both the world that engenders it and the world that receives it.” – Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

Film Details

USA, 1988
Directed by Jerry Blumenthal and Gordon Quinn
Cinematography by Gordon Quinn
Editing by Jerry Blumenthal
Cast: Leon Golub and Nancy Spero
Running time: 80 mins

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