Nov 8-12, 2018

Fringe Story

with guests Yinon Tzafrir, Artistic Director of Orto-Da Theatre Group, and film director Tor Ben Mayor

Run Time: 72 Mins Israel Language:


Towards the end of the Second World War, sculptor Natan Rapoport used granite stones, originally meant for a monument celebrating Hitler’s victory, to create a sculpture commemorating the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Forty years later, Yinon Tzafrir and his Israeli fringe theatre, Orto-Da, found themselves, by chance, at a ceremony commemorating the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto, at the place where the sculpture stands. So moved was Tzafrir by Rapoport’s work that, together with Orta-Da, he created the play Stones, a narrative commemorating the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, wherein the sculpture literally comes to life. Without dialogue, but with the aid of an intricate sound track, and with movement and gestures of the ‘live’ sculpture, the performance presents the Israeli Jewish narrative from the time of the Holocaust until today. The creators present a critical, at times horrifying, view of the Israeli Jewish experience.

The troupe embarks on a European tour at the behest of a Luxembourg theater director, and their journey opens old wounds – and raises doubts about the financial feasibility of the show.

Outreach Partners: EPOS International Art Film Festival and the Consulate General of Israel in Houston

Film Details

Israel, 2014
Directed by Tor Ben Mayor
Written by Tor Ben Mayor
Cinematography by Meni Elias
Editing by Tor Ben Mayor
Cast: Orta-Da Theatre Group
Running time: 72 mins

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