Nov 8-12, 2018

Blankets For Indians


Run Time: 57 Minutes USA Language: English


Ken Jacobs’ new work, Blankets for Indians, blends a stereoscopic study of water spurting from New York’s City Hall fountain with an intimately detailed portrait of an Occupy Wall Street march. While in the process of shooting the fountain in 2012, Jacobs serendipitously turned his camera toward a large protest marching to Zuccotti Park in support of Occupy Wall Street. The unexpected connection gives the film new life, seamlessly moving between sensual observation and political commentary, reflection, and abstraction. Using freeze-frames, text and 3D manipulation, Jacobs questions the contemporary conditions of sociopolitical struggle, its relation to aesthetics, and the labor necessary to produce both. Jacobs asks us to forge a relationship between the aesthetic and the sociopolitical, to knock down the police barriers in our minds.

Also screening: Capitalism: Child Labor (2006, 14 minutes), Jacobs’ 3D activation of a stereo photograph celebrating factory production of thread, with music by Rick Reed suggesting the machine din; and Capitalism: Slavery (2006), which mobilizes another stereograph, this time one of cotton-pickers.

Co-presented with Blaffer On Screen, a film and video series committed to bringing some of the world’s leading film and media artists to Blaffer Art Museum’s audience, the University of Houston community, and the city of Houston.

Film Details

Director: Ken Jacobs
Technical assistance: Nisi Jacobs, Antoine Catala
Running Time: 57 minutes

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