Nov 8-12, 2018

Between the Folds

with Joan Son

Run Time: 56 minutes USA Language: English


This award-winning documentary chronicles ten individuals who have reinvented themselves from fine artists and theoretical scientists to become origami artists. The film opens with the world’s foremost paper folding artists, including a former sculptor in France, a hyper-realist who left a successful career in physics, and a papermaker, who creates folded impressions from his own artisanal paper. The film also features MacArthur Genius Award-winning scientist and mathematicians, who each apply their brilliant minds and talents to the computations and beauty of folded paper.

Art and science intersect and connect in this inspiring and compelling film as the artists fold squares of paper into human figures, realistic animals, impressionistic creations, and complex geometric forms, or use origami to teach math to students.

Houston-based origami artist Joan Son will present an interactive origami demonstration during the Q&A after the film. Audience members will be provided with a pieces of origami paper and may take home their work of art.

There will be a limited number of seats available for the public at this official student field trip screening.


Film Details

USA, 2008
Directed by Vanessa Gould
Cinematography by Philippe Bellaiche, Melissa R. Donovan
Editing by Kristi Barlow
Cast: Erik D. Demain, Martin L. Demaine, Vincent Floderer, Miri Golan, Tom Hull, Paul Jackson, Michael LaFosse, Robert J. Lang, Christopher K. Palmer

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