Nov 8-12, 2018

A Year In Space

with Marco Grob, Jonathan Woods, and Jeffrey Kluger

Run Time: USA Language: English


Astronaut Scott Kelly is more than half way through a record-setting one-year stay aboard the International Space Station—part of an ambitious experiment to determine if humanity’s grand dreams of traveling to Mars can ever be achieved. TIME’s A Year in Space project accompanies Kelly for his entire ride, releasing ten web episodes about his journey. With unprecedented access, we will follow the stories of Scott’s family back home, including that of his twin brother Mark—a retired NASA astronaut—who is serving as the other half of a unique controlled experiment, comparing how identical bodies and identical genes respond to a year in decidedly non-identical environments. In A Year in Space, technology, biology and the ambitions of humanity will converge in ways they never have before.

Join the producers and filmmakers for a discussion of the project and see the first stunning episodes in the series projected on the big MFAH screen. Marco Grob, co-director, has worked as a still life and portrait photographer whose work regularly appears in magazines such as TIME, GQ, Vogue, Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, Wired and New York Magazine. Jonathan Woods, producer, joined TIME in 2012 and has led the photo and video teams in developing exclusive, groundbreaking stories, including Timelapse, Top of America, Deep Dive and A Year in Space. Jeffery Kluger, Executive Producer, is an Editor at Large for TIME magazine and, overseeing coverage of science and human behavior.

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