Nov 8-12, 2018

A Master Builder

Directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Wallace Shawn, André Gregory, Julie Hagerty, Lisa Joyce, and Larry Pine

Run Time: 130 Minutes USA Language: English


A Master Builder unites Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme with two of American theatre and cinema’s most ingenious provocateurs, André Gregory and Wallace Shawn. The film is based on Gregory’s near-legendary theatrical production of Shawn’s adaptation of Ibsen’s Master Builder Solness, a production that was rehearsed and performed over a 14-year period.

Wallace Shawn triumphs in a tour-de-force performance as Halvard, the cruel architect who seeks absolution at the end of his life. Shawn’s adaptation hues closely to the original Ibsen with one astonishing ‘Shawnian’ departure — while perfectly healthy in Ibsen’s original version, Shawn introduces Solness on his deathbed with only hours to live. When Hilde (Lisa Joyce), a mysterious young woman, comes to visit, the once dominating, controlling and narcissistic Solness finds himself apparently revived in every possible way. David Edelstein says in New York Magazine: “Lisa Joyce is like a siren from the fjord – sexy& funny… a thrilling performance.” Of the entire film, he writes: “It brings the genius of Ibsen to the screen in a way I never thought was possible.”

Film Details

Director: Jonathan Demme
Screenplay: Wallace Shawn, based on a play by Henrik Ibsen Cinematographer: Declan Quinn
Editor: Tim Squyres
Music: Thom O’Connor, Suzana Peric, Zafer Tawil, Bruce Odland
Cast: Wallace Shawn, André Gregory, Julie Hagerty, Lisa Joyce, Larry Pine Running Time: 130 minutes

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