As stipulated by United States Federal Laws, CineSpace must use an independent system managed by a third party to manage the submission process.

The Official Submission Portal  (“Submission Portal”) is now open on Tongal. Follow this link to read the brief and submit your short film:

Submissions are now closed for 2017

You will need to complete three steps to submit your work.

  1. Navigate to to access the challenge brief, instructions, and the submission form (You will need to log-in to or create a Tongal Account to enter your submission).
  2. Upload your video to Tongal through the “Submit” tab on the project page. This will allow judges to view and download the submitted videos. Initial review copies of your works may be uploaded to the Tongal website at HD 720p 16X9 with acceptable file formats: .mov, .avi, .mp4, .wmv, and acceptable codecs: H.264 (MP4), MPEG-4, H.263, MPGV, WMV, DivX. However, CineSpace screens all selections at the highest resolution, 1080p format. Should you win, you will also be required to provide a 1080p .mov master file, using a ProRes, Animation, or Uncompressed Codec. If your film is in any aspect ratio other than 16X9, you are responsible for adding in appropriate pillar boxes or letter boxes, so that the final file comes in at 1920X1080 without distorting your creative intent. In addition, any non-English language works will be required to submit a version without subtitles and provide either an English subtitle transcript or SRT file with English subtitles – based on 1080p file.
  3. Fill out the required information on the Submission Form, and
  4. Agree to Terms in the Submitter’s Agreement.

By submitting your work to CineSpace you enter into an Agreement with The Service.

If your access to the Submission Portal is limited or restricted please contact CineSpace at

The work that you submit must comply with Tongal’s recommended compression and uploading guidelines.

Once you have submitted a work it will not be returned. Submissions may be disqualified at any time for non-compliance with the Official Guidelines and Terms.  CineSpace makes the final determination as to which submissions are eligible to take part in this competition. For more information about eligibility requirements, please refer to the Guidelines and Terms.


NASA is the sole judge of the prizewinners.

CineSpace will not notify you of any disqualification or the reasons for such disqualification.

If your Submission is selected as a Finalist you will be requested to send a list of assets.