Cinespace 2017 Finalists

Alex Moreno, Apizaco

(Mexico, 7:36 minutes)

Without high-tech and with limited resources, a group of teenage girls from Apizaco, a small rural town in Mexico, learned math, science, and robotics together with the passion and dedication of their middle school teacher, and managed to win the top prizes at NASA’s Mars Trekker Global Teen Summit.

Jonathan Grace, Eight-ball

(Australia, 2:53 minutes)

A routine night of bar pool turns into a tour of the cosmos.


David Hermans, Gift of Life

(Belgium, 2:41 minutes)

A journey about the beauty of our Earth, described with breathtaking views from and above our planet. The search for a similar home has begun.


Jacob Carlsson, The Great Portals of Cyberspace: Doomsday

(Sweden/France, 3:23 minutes)

An alien space ship in the form of a giant phone attacks earth, replicates and takes over people’s minds. The alien phones become portals to the cyberspace, through which they gain powers, enough to take over the entire universe. 


David Regos, I’m Here Now Somehow

(Germany, 10:00 minutes)

Aziz Dyab spent his teenage years growing up amidst the bombings and violence of the war in Syria. With no electricity at night, Aziz started taking an interest in space, watching the stars and constellations. He longed for a better, peaceful life. When he decided to escape, he used his knowledge of the stars to help navigate his way out of trouble.


Shannan Leigh Reeve & Chelese Belmont, The Invisible Border

(California, USA, 9:35 minutes)

In the not so distant future, renown scientist and inexperienced astronaut Dr. Annie Tennant has beaten the odds and successfully returned home from an unprecedented solo space mission. During her first exclusive interview, the crucial importance of her journey and its emotional impact on her views of humanity are revealed.


Christian Stangl, Lunar

(Austria, 7:20 minutes)

In a process that took 18 months, this animated collage brings together thousands of original NASA photographs. Using different techniques, the artists bring the stills to life in a celebration of peaceful exploration.


Patrick Morgan, Miss Baker’s Ride

(UK, 6:45 minutes)

After a decade of launching monkeys into space, NASA had yet to return any alive and had fallen behind the Soviet Union in the race for space travel. This film is inspired by the true story of Miss Baker and Able, the first primates ever to return home safely from space.


Pedro de Filippis, Nadir

(Hungary, 9:17 minutes)

In an observatory in Budapest, a 55-year-old astrophysicist plans to go to the moon. In his small dome, the micro-universe turns into macro, giving life to his plans.


Bill Sebastian, Planet, California

(USA, 10:00 minutes)

A husband buys his wife a planet for their anniversary. Five years later, they are surprised to find the national space agency at their door.


Jesse Vogelaar, The Space Between Us

(Australia, 8:10 minutes)

A jaded astronaut is left drifting alone in space. His only point of contact is a sarcastic helpline technician who has very little power to help him.


Daniela Clementi, To the Sky

(Chile, 9:58 minutes)

Elizabeth has Alzheimer’s Disease, and she is progressively losing her memory. To the Sky is a recommendation film/letter sent to the Sky, because she is ready to go there.


Vincent Wilson, Transmitter Receiver

(Canada, 8:59 minutes)

In order to escape the monotony and boredom of the end of the school year, a young boy fabricates a transceiver-receiver to communicate with strangers in the sky.